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    Rose Smalley

    He saw school as just a place to go for 9 months out of the year. He explained how we have been taught that success is from “schooling” in a school system. How society sees school as a way of becoming a “good human being”, one who obeys all rules.
    I think this is probably true more so with public schools than private schools. I can image private schools have selected teachers who are creative in their way of educating. When I was in school I saw my professors do the same thing year after year. They never changed the curriculum to match the present time. In some classes there was no enthusiasm, no creativity, no actual “teaching.” The only reason I preferred public school over home school is because I was able to grow from an adolescent to a young adult through life experiences.

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    Edgar Akbari

    He thinks educational system is wrong and students waste their time in school. I absolutely disagree with him. The first subject he didn’t say about it is how we can replace this educational system (schools) with something else. Second, I think the one of the best place that a child can learn how to communicate with others and social is school, How can we change this with a small group?
    Schools are not for formal education only it is a place where children can meet good and bad people, can win and lose, can love and hate and can find friends for life.

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    Maria Orantes

    I believe that Gatto different school and education methods are being confined and adjusted in a way that the students do not have the ability to express themselves and their creativity. But are confined to the regulations that are forcing the students to learn only a systematic way. Gatto also explained that the seniors were not getting enough challenging classes but mainly electives and that lead to the students not having a passionate thrive to look forward to getting a further education in college.

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    LaVern Cade

    I agree with the author Gatto, because the public schools do have a problem being jail like. It is not only the students who are locked up daily , but the teachers as well.there has to be some tension at these schools and no way to vent the tension. As I see it, in the public school system, students must attend a mandatory six classes a day, 5 days a week, for nine months out of the years (someone is getting Three months vacation). The school system maybe a teachers Employment system, under the guises of Education. No wonder there is so much boredom in public. Students don’t care nor do the teachers, This is not a good environment for learning.This teacher figured out a good way to get his students to take initiatives on there own. The author experience with boredom took a turn in another direction when his grand dad told him that dealing with boredom was a personal responsibility.

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    Anastasia Desyatnikov

    According to Gatto education and “school” are completely different things. The author presents “school” as a hated routine, everybody has to go through. Education is a process of learning, exploring new horizons and getting new knowledge. Unfortunately morden institute of education turned this exciting process of learning into a boring routine. I can partially agree with Gatto, that curiosity and passion for knowledge are inherent components of education.
    My parents taught me that education is a gift and I should be thankful for any knowledge that I got lucky enough to receive. Therefore, each time I caught myself being bored during a lecture, I would try to find why I am not happy, why I am not interested in subject and do my best to fix this. This always helped me to succeed in class.
    Gatto looks at the school system as a way to sort students, and create an obedient culture that is easy to control and manipulate. Education on the other hand has nothing to do with school, since many great people, have not completed the necessary twelve years.
    The fact that the teachers are bored, and don’t want to teach is sometimes all too evident. There are teachers who feel that there students do not want to learn and don’t care about teaching them. Creating a downward spiral of the student seeing that in his teacher and not paying attention to that class.

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