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  1. Liana M.

    It is challenging for students to stay focused and learn without feeling the doubt that there “dumb”, teaching students that challenges will make you smarter also learn from your mistakes. Many students have setback mindsets as others have growth mindsets of intelligence that change their motivation, learning and school achievements.

    1. Jennifer Velasquez

      I agree and disagree, first I agree with the topic because I believe that when you give people the boost and the compliments they start believing in them selves more to the point that they don’t feel so unwilling to learn. Then I disagree because I also believe that if you give someone too much compliments to the point they will believe that they are geniuses when in reality they are just regular people to the point that they will become too cocky and consieded and also become mean toward others. I can relate to this topic because I have a learning disability all my life I’ve been struggling with it, going to special ed classes in junior high and in high school. What takes other people to learn in like 30 minutes it might take me more time than that but I learn it eventually, that is why I take school seriously and as a very high challenge so all I can say is bring it bitch im ready!!! =)

  2. Phaedra Kimball

    “Brainology”…. I found this article fascinating, but it also gave me a little panic. I have a 3 year old, ( going on four) and have always thought if i showered him in praise it would give him confidence. I tell him how smart he is probably 20 times a day. Of course after reading this article i see the logic and reason behind it. I will adjust my language with my son, i of course want him to live his full potential, so i feel every time i get some good wisdom on parenting, i will take it. As for myself, i am excited by the growth mindset. I went back to school after my son was born, it was a huge!! I had stayed out of school for a few reasons and the biggest was my belief that i wasn’t smart enough to pull it off, especially math. I feel rather relieved after reading this assignment.

  3. Ray Leonard

    I have always thought about how our brain has developed through the ages and led us from the invention of wheel and wagon to the creation of internet and discoveries on the surface of the moon, but have never been able to find the answers. How did our ancestors really come up with the notion of inventing the wheel when there was no precedent for them to be motivated by, is a question that have challenged me for years. Carol Dweck helped some lights to go off but not all. Your belief and principles and whether they can help you to grow your intelligence has significant impact on your motivation, self-esteem and achievement.
    I too believe that our brain cannot be fixed and humans are not born with different level of understanding and perception. What makes challenges threating is that in fact we are what we believe in and that is a direct reflection of what and how much we know and all the lessons and learning being infused into our brain by outside forces. People with different mindset, fixed or growth, care about different things differently and have radically different views about effort and perseverance. Scientists believe that “intelligence is something that can be cultivated through effort and education. Even Einstein was not Einstein until he put in years of focused hard work”. (Carol Dweck)
    Those individuals who laid out the foundations for today’s civilization had also to work hard and persevere to accomplish, fulfill and achieve their goals. People with fixed mind believe that if you work hard, that means that you do not possess ability which reminds me of the famous saying “don’t work hard, work smart” which basically means to have others to do your job for you.
    Whether or not having a high self-esteem would actually benefit you throughout your life has been a challenging question for decades now, but the truth of the matter is that all depends on how you cultivate those principles that help to develop a growth mindset. If you believe that what you know is enough to get you through, because that is basically what you’re thought and made to believe in” the first set back and challenge that is not in your comfort zone, would surrender your ability and motivation and demoralize your courage for pushing forward. The same challenges could have the exact opposite results if you possess a growth mindset and believe in perseverance and working hard. It is through effort that people build their abilities and realize their potentials.

  4. Gerardo Escobar

    I found the article by Dweck very interesting, and was able to relate to it immensely, As i was reading the article i realized that i was a student with a growth mindset as oppossed to a fixed mindset. I noticed this because while in grade school i would always choose the more difficult questions and group work assignments due to the fact that i knew i was going to understand the question by the end of the assignment, and that other questions or problems would be more simple to me. Another thing i took into consideration when deciding which mindset i had, was the fact that i always looked up to professional skateboarders and always realized that it took them effort, practice, and a whole lot of time to get them to where they were, as oppossed to some of my other friends that believed that the professionals just woke up with the abilty to jump off 15 stairs and land on their boards.

  5. yara rodriguez

    I think it is challenging for some students to stay focus because of the kind of people who sorround them. This students don’t have the right friends around them because they may gets gert comments that “your dumb” beacuse you are study for your test. I think that one of most principal mistakes that some students don’t do anything because they don’t want to lose their frends. thereb are other kind of students that have a really goog interest for school. This students think about all the strugles that they have been through and decide to find a special thing that is going to maotivate them to do better at school, but sometimes you have to lose some friends because they don’t want to accept you with the inspiration that you have for your education.

  6. liat

    i agree with freire in one way, many teachers do think that they are smarter and has the best knowledge to past along to their student, but i don’t think that they giving the student the freedom for discussion and
    work along in the way that they student can challenge themselves for themselves, i do think that we all work by the push of the teacher button. we go to class, we get lecture ,and go home and have to do what we was told to do. there few way to think of it. people need to get the knowledge in their area that they looking for it in order to build their future, with life of demanding, competition, and technology, people need a great source of eduction and help with direction, i believe that we need the base of education in order to continue in our life, other wise how else they will get it. we need a system and support. after they will get the base they can explore the world with their challenges and dream. describing us as a slave, is wrong, but i do think that teachers need to work as partner with the students, they should know that students are not an object they are human, they need to be more open and communicate with the students, teachers need to understand that they can’t think for the students and they can’t force their thinking on the students. through teaching and learning with open mind teachers can prepare peoples to the open world, and from there the will they way to build their creativity and challenges.

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  8. John M Guerrero

    I was not surprised to find the banding method used in lower income school as stated in Jean Anyon’s the Hidden curriculum of work. And I felt that John Taylors Against School was an easer to read version of Paulo Freire Pedagogy of the Oppressed.


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